It's a long journey from breakin bad to makin good.

Compton Abbey is a long-form sitcom/drama focused on the Gotham crime family and located in the leafy Los Angeles suburb of Compton.

Compton Abbey itself is the palatial, colonial-style mansion of the Gotham family and is at the center of every episode.

Earl Gotham and his wife Lady Gotham run a drug-dealing business that is trying to go straight but is struggling with the transition.

Their daughters, Miss Twerky Gotham and Candace Gotham, are pursuing careers of their own to get them out of the family business.

The Gotham family also includes Earl's personal assistant Dame Twiggy who likes her Tiffin and their fixer Tupelo Elvis who preaches from the Compton Orthodox Network (CON) church.

Supporting characters include Granny Gotham; John Shaft, Candace's bodyguard; Conan Schwartz, Earl's enforcer; butler Butler Benson and the corrupt Senator Palatine.

Compton Abbey is a black comedy that features adult humor and themes and profanity.

Dream Cast

Earl Gotham

Samuel L. Jackson

Mr. Jackson would be perfect for the role of Earl Gotham, the head of the Gotham crime family that is trying to go straight.

Lady Gotham

Kim Kardashian

Ms. Kardashian would be perfect for the role of Lady Gotham, Earl's sexy and kurvacious wife and business partner.

Dame Twiggy

Amy Adams

Ms. Adams would be perfect for the role of Dame Twiggy, Earl's British personal assistant who is very fond of Tiffin.

Miss Twerky Gotham

Nicki Minaj

Ms. Minaj would be perfect for the role of Miss Twerky, Earl's daughter who has recently qualified as a lawyer.

Candace Gotham

Candace Owens

Ms. Owens would be perfect for the role of Candace, Earl's adopted daughter who is running for president.

Tupelo Elvis

Billy Bob Thornton

Mr. Thornton would be perfect for the role of Tupelo Elvis, Earl's fixer and part-time evangelist preacher at the CON church.